Coinbase Pro

Professional trading platform for individuals

Coinbase Pro offers professional trading tools and services, delivered through a completely reengineered UI that will make the trading experience easier and more intuitive.

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Is this a rebranding of GDAX? I am hoping that the existing GDAX APIs will remain functional, because some of my apps and scripts are relying on them.
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@preslavrachev It's GDAX without styling :p
As far as I can see (if you click on API it will redirect to GDAX) it's just GDAX rebranded and officalized as Coinbase Market for limit orders.
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Will my GDAX account still work after this?
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@vxdiazdel So far it's working fine!
Pretty much use Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX) for most of my virtual currency trading. Really enjoy the low platform fees and high trading volumes as it means I get more bang for my crypto-buck!
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I hope this will make filing taxes easier too!
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