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US only for now :(
@jonnotie *** 1/2 of US only ***
'Licensed' Why is the government needed in this? The beauty of Bitcoin is that it's completely backed by the people that use it. A perfect example of the free market and how it works. Put the government in there, and now they have more power than the users themselves. The blockchain was designed to be completely user backed and that's how it should stay.
@erikfinman we are providing a service necessary for mainstream adoption, and licenses are required for us to provide this service. We love the open, decentralized nature of bitcoin and the fact that anyone with an Internet connection can use it without a third party being involved. But we also want to provide consumers with a safe, secure, trusted service and make sure we are able to stay in the game for the long-term. Having the appropriate licenses allows us to do that.
Would love to see an explanation and distillation of the state by state regulation (and how it would be enforced). List on this page: https://support.coinbase.com/cus...-
Welp, using this often.