Coherence Pro 2 for macOS

Turn websites into powerful, isolated, chrome-based apps.

Coherence Pro allows you to turn any websties into a customizable, isolated app on your Mac.
Coherence Pro 2 takes this experience even further, with dozens of new features, including:
- Rewritten backend
- New app modes
- Multi-tabbed apps
- Much more!
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Hey Hunters! Today, we're really excited to share Coherence Pro 2, the next major update to our Coherence product. The new update is the largest in the apps history, and includes a beautiful and powerful redesign, a significantly improved backend, support for browser designation, improved extension/profile support, bulk mode, new app modes, and more! Our favorite new feature is the multi-tabbed function, which allows you to create customized workspaces that always open the same designated sites in an isolated environment. We hope you give it a shot and enjoy it as much as we have internally and with our initial testers. Here's five free licenses for the first lucky hunters! If you miss out - there's always a free trial available on the site and for the next 24 hours, hunters can save 30% using the code 'ProductHunt' at checkout. id988365760399uks id325590694928uks id929166059708uks id418070872919uks id780869385367uks
@bzg0515 Got id418070872919uks, thanks!
@bzg0515 FYI, these are all taken. Hopefully that saves some other people some time.
Hey @bzg0515 Clicking the Buy License button takes me to an error page. All of those licenses are taken, so I wanted to see what the price was with the 30% discount. This is the URL: Screenshot of error page:
@gregghoush good call, will be fixed in a second.
@bzg0515 Bought. Love it.
Does this allow for fullscreen kiosk apps made with HTML5 where it can then also run local video files, etc?
@dan_h It should, but I would try with the trial just to be safe.
How does this compare with Unite? I bought a Family License for Unite but this looks better.
Hi @joshuapinter, I already responded to your email but am pasting here for any onlookers who are interested. We have a decent chart at the bottom of the webpage, but in essence Unite is WebKit based and Coherence is Chrome based. So Unite gets smaller apps and more native features like status bar apps and customizable windows, while Coherence supports virtually all web experiences, extensions, etc, because Chrome based.