CodeX by Supernova

Convert designs into production-ready code in real-time

#3 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2018

CodeX allows you to preview the entire interface code right

within the Studio, for all platforms in real time. Import Sketch file to Supernova (we've gone to a great lengths to make sure your designs are imported properly), and all the production code is immediately created. When you do any change, when you prototype, the code changes as well.

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Hello Product Hunters and Huntresses! Jiri here, the founder of Supernova. Today, we are launching out biggest update to date, and we call it CodeX (codex historically represented a book, usually a piece of art of it own, or potentially a well of knowledge on planet Krypton for us nerds out there). CodeX brings about a new generation of handoff tools, vastly more advanced than just plain snippets - it works alongside you as you design and prototype your application, generating full frontend code in real-time. Once you are satisfied, you can either export the entire project, specific screens or you can just copy/paste out of the CodeX to your project. The generated code is highly customizable down to a smallest details such as indent characters, with multiple modes when targeting your specific platform. Currently supported are iOS (XIBs, Storyboards, pure code), Android (code, code with data bindings), and React Native (full JSX with TSX support coming). Alongside CodeX, we are launching completely overhauled experience in Supernova Studio - the V5. V5 brings more powerful prototyping and interaction options, improved interface, options to prototype interactions such as alerts or action sheets, and is significantly faster when compared to a previous versions. We are on the mission to make the everyday work of developers and designers fun and interesting again, by removing the boring and tedious work of the interface creation and making it easier to work together by bridging two very different worlds as much as possible. If you are interested, we've prepared an extensive overview of Codex and Studio V5: Feel free to AMA and enjoy!
@jirka_trecak Amazing product. Amazing community and customer support. Keep up the great work Jirka and team!
@_nathanieldavis Thank you Nate! We appreciate your support.

I excitedly jumped in Supernova about a monthy or two ago, and really like the core concept. Except the React Native exports just were not up to scratch. They were really unusable. To top it off, I couldn't cancel my subscription. Everytime I attempted too, I'd get a little notification telling me "This feature will come next week." This happened for 2 weeks straight. I finally emailed them to cancel my subscription, they responded quickly and asked why I was cancelling. I gave them pretty good feedback, but never got an email back. I'm unsure how Supernova has matured over the last month, but I hope it's living up to expectations :)


Fast way to export sketch designs into working code.


React Native exports lack. A lot. Also you had to EMAIL THEM to cancel your subscription. Seriously.

Hey Sam, sorry for what seems like a bad experience! It is definitely true that we had some issues with our system, that is why we have posted the note about it being not available and pointed to our support who was solving it in a meantime. Not to defend our approach as I understand your frustration completely, but we have average respond to queries of about a minute - orders of magnitude faster than most of the companies. When running startup, that just happens sometimes. As for the React, I'd suggest you give it a shot again in V5 - we are constantly improving and every major release gets it closer to be usable for everyone - we already have several companies successfully using RN exporters in their workflow and launched apps to production. Let us know what you'd like to see and we can implement it :)
It seems like you didn't sign the app so now Mac OS prevents users from opening it in the regular way. It's a shame because I would love to try this out.
@jordibruin We for sure did, that is super strange! I'm looking into it as we speak, thanks for notifying me. You can try opening it by right-clicking the .app file > open and saying "open anyway" once the alert pops up. That can possibly help. I do know there are some changes in OSX 10.14 in this regard so that might be the offender - noone from the community complained yet so might also be something specific. Will let you know when we've solved it! Thank you, hopefully it will be worth a wait for you :)
@jirka_trecak that's very strange. I will wait a few days and download a new version from the website then. Will let you know if it's still happening then!
@jordibruin No need to wait few days, we resolve bugs within minutes to hours :)
I am going to check this out!
I will try this out. Congratulations