Focus on building the software, not the tool.

Clubhouse is the first project management platform for software development that brings everyone on every team together in to build better products.

Clubhouse features a web app, iOS app, simple API and a robust set of integrations.

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Hey Kurt! Product looks fantastic, congrats! Trello is great for small teams imo but, beyond simple feature assignments, tracking projects at a higher level and prioritizing features on the dev sched. in any clever way is tough in bigger teams: does CH help there?
Hi Henri, Thanks! We've really worked hard to let teams pull back from a simple task-by-task view of things and look at things at a higher level of abstraction. We use the concept of Epics across Project Teams to let you visualize progress against your big objectives across all of your teams. As an example, an Epic like "New way to share photos" might consist of many tasks across multiple project teams (web, iOS, backend, design, ops, etc). Clubhouse lets you see how all of those tasks fit together at a high level, while still retaining the ability to zoom in and see how development is progressing in each team, and how those tasks are prioritized against everything else that a team is working on.
@kurt The term 'epic' is great! I've really been dying to find good gamification engine to make drive teamwork and productivity, and help people (esp engineers) prioritize their time well (for instance the oft complex technically challenging vs needed standard) as part of a unit! I'm excited to try Clubhouse out! Love your take on transparency in product building for teams, and the analytics and tools you can provide on top of it. What I'll be looking most at I think is the onboarding: tough to balance a learning curve for such a product.
Hey all, great to be on Product Hunt and glad to answer any questions that people have about Clubhouse.
A project management app to estimate, plan, build, and track your team’s work. Looks a bit like Trello.
Feature wise this does look like Trello, but UI wise looks a lot nicer.. Interested to see how it all works and what features will set it apart.
@aaran_mcguire We take a more structured approach than Trello. We're not trying to organize everything in the world (weddings, office moves, etc), we're trying to be the best tool for engineering and product teams to use to manage their work.
@kurt When will you be sending out more invites?
@aaran_mcguire We'll be sending out invites on a rolling basis everyday to people in the order that they signed up for the beta.

I'm a huge fan. I've led two teams to switch to Clubhouse. The workflow is flexible, but constrained to keep things simple. The reporting is simple, but useful. The product addresses a hierarchy for software development, which helps to manage both short and long-term planning. This is done through User Stories, Epics and Milestones.


Simple, fast, built for software development



Hey @brogowicz - we thought you might like to know that Clubhouse for iOS launched in the time since you left this review. If you haven't already checked it out yet, give it a spin!
No doubt. Even before that, the lack of a native mobile app was overstated as 'con'. The product is awesome. I'll see if I can edit/revise that review to show that.