An API for carbon offsets 🌎

We're excited to launch Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets. You feed us information about emissions and we'll perform the offset. Built for ecommerce deliveries, rideshare miles driven, carbon calculators, and more!
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Hey everyone. We thought we'd celebrate Earth Day with the launch of Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets. Our team has been working on this project for over a year. It was born out of our frustration around ecommerce shipments. We're all buying more and more online, and those deliveries come with a heavy carbon footprint. People have been purchasing offsets for cars and homes for a while, but they haven’t been easily accessible to the digital economy. Offsets can also lack transparency, which is something we're trying to improve. Right now we've built out a few endpoints that you can use to create offsets. If you ping /shipping and send us shipping information, we can calculate the carbon impact and purchase a corresponding offset from a wind or solar facility. Or ping our /vehicle endpoint with miles driven and information about your vehicle, and we'll do the offset. Or just tell us how many pounds of carbon you want to offset at /carbon. More info in the docs! All of our offsets are done using wind or solar renewable energy certificates. They're a mainstream mechanism for offsets. Best of all, the API returns the exact renewable energy being purchased. That lets us localize. If you want to offset a 50-mile drive through Dallas, we'll offset it with, for example, a purchase of Texas wind energy. We'll have many new renewable energy sources coming online over the coming months, and always aim to match impact to energy as closely as possible. We’re really proud of this project, and excited to launch on Earth Day!
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Probably today's best product. At least, it is in my heart. ❤️♻️🌿
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Great job!! 😁 Happy Earth Day!! This should be the most eco friendly tool I have seen in few years. Long way ahead to change our environment
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@alexisohanian this is what you were looking for!
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@kunalslab Thanks. Pretty cool.
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The design is perfect. Great interface!


It's an innovative solution that allows you to contribute to renewable energy sources.


I can't wait to see Cloverly integrated into every e-commerce store.

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