Cloudflare Spectrum

DDoS protection for TCP services

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With Spectrum, you can extend the power of Cloudflare's DDoS, TLS, and IP Firewall to not just your web servers, but also your other TCP-based services, keeping them online and secure.

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Brett Elliff@gatewayy · Data Center Operations, Bass Pro Shops
Matt, any chance that this will be rolled out to long time pro users such as myself? :)
Dani Grant@thedanigrant · Internet @ Cloudflare
@gatewayy We're trying to figure out what's the best way to do that. From the feedback today, it sounds like the preferred way would be a monthly fee to cover the cost of the IPv4 address. Stay tuned.
Brett Elliff@gatewayy · Data Center Operations, Bass Pro Shops
@thedanigrant I appreciate the update. It would be nice to not have to expose the main interface for application servers while the rest of the domain is behind CF. :)
Anthony Rossbach@anthonyrossbach · CEO of NodeHost Hosting
As a Cloudflare user and someone who runs a lot of servers this will be amazing! Hopefully a monthly cost instead of the Enterprise requirement would be great.