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Get more in-app purchases and subscriptions with an all-in-one processing and experimentation tool.

  • Tauras Sinkus
    Tauras SinkusChief Habit Builder at @21dayhero

    Much needed solution, saving a lot of time for small teams. Free till 2000 MAU


    So far supports only App Store and Google Play.

    We're in process of building an app and the pricing experimentations will be a huge thing for us. Haven't used it yet, but excited to try out.

    Tauras Sinkus has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    solves really big pain


    I've not used it yet so can't find cons

    For me as a mobile developer payments layer is a real pain because of marketing team wishes, you know. I hope this service can make my routine simpler

    Тагир Нурахметов has never used this product.
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Dan Kozlov
Dan KozlovMaker@dkzlv · Product Manager,
Hey, Product Hunters! Monetization has always been a pain point for mobile developers. It takes so much time to get it right, that you struggle to work on the product itself. We’ve been there too. Each time we created a new app we felt like we were inventing the wheel all over again: purchase, validate, upsell banner, Black Friday sale, repeat… So we decided to go back to the drawing board and brainstormed all of our dream scenarios for monetization: what would the process look like in a perfect world. That was back in May. Here’s what we came up with: 💳 Purchases Usually it took us weeks to implement in-app purchases. And even then we needed to support all new store features (promoted in-app, cancellation reasons, etc.). We wanted an SDK that would simplify the in-app purchases down to a single method. It also needs to protect you from fraud (root access, MITM-attacks, storage altering, etc.). 🎰 Pricing experiments Most app creators try to guess the best price for their product. But we know, that sometimes you can charge your users TWICE as much and get the SAME conversion and churn rates. We wanted a solution to run pricing experiments with no app updates. We’d also need to control its audience — nobody wants to ruin paid acquisition with a crazy experiment. 💰 Sales Everybody wants to run sales because it boosts your monetization drastically. Yet nobody wants to spend developer’s time to code those stupid banners. So we wanted there to be a way to run sales with no app updates — so you don’t need to hardcode every trigger in these awful BannerConfig.swift or BannerManager.kt “Oh, if only this product could become our reality!” — we said back in May. Well, it took us 5 months, but here we are. CleverPay is now live and it’s already helped a few apps to boost their monetization. Will your app be next? ProductHunt community is so essential for startup ecosystem worldwide, that we’d like to give away a coupon for 25% discount for 1 year (code: WELOVEPH, valid till the end of October) for all of you — just because we love PH so much ;) We’d really appreciate your feedback and ideas!
Anatoly Sharifulin
Anatoly SharifulinHiring@sharifulin · CEO & Co-Founder at
@dkzlv great job, guys! Good luck ;)
Aswin Shibu
Aswin Shibu@ashwin_7 · sales@MixRank, ex.FullContact,Profoundis
@dkzlv Congrats on the launch, guys. Great to see this come out and solve a problem that's been existing in the ecosystem for a long while!
Anton Krokhmalyuk
Anton Krokhmalyuk@krokhmalyuk · Chief Marketing Officer, Mobio
Great product, guys! Can you elaborate a little bit on how you make pricing experiments easier to run? I haven’t seen any technical difficulties with this earlier.
Dan Kozlov
Dan KozlovMaker@dkzlv · Product Manager,
@krokhmalyuk Hi, Anton! Currently there's no easy way to run a pricing experiment in App Store and Google Play. You need to create separate products for every pricing change. So there are multiple issues with that: 1. if you create a new in-app product, most probably you'll need to update an app, because most of the developers hold a hardcoded config of supported in-app products inside the app 2. you'll need to somehow decide, which users get to see what in-app products. So you either do some weird magic locally, or you'll need a remote experimentation and segmentation engine 3. you'll need to put your developer's effort to update all of the pricing pages (possibly tens of them), so that your user's experience is consistent (no way to see x2 and x1 price at the same time) 4. you'll need to somehow understand, if the experiment is successful or not, so you'll need some analytics on top of that 5. there are also some issues with users, who somehow by accident end up purchasing in-app products in both groups — it always happens. You'll need to catch those users and tell them, that they should cancel one of the subscriptions to avoid multiple renewals. Why do you need this? Because otherwise they will crush your app in their reviews. We've been there 6. did I mention, that you'll need to do all of this for both platforms, if you happen to have an Android and an iOS app? All of this will take a ton of time and effort across all of your departments (product, marketing, developers). With CleverPay you can start a pricing experiment (1) with no app updates (2) for as small segment of users as you wish (3) with no developers attracted for this feature, (4) you'll be able to see the experiment results live in our admin panel, (5) our SDK will tell you, when a user has multiple subscriptions of the same value. (6) Of course, we do all of that for both iOS and Android apps.
Lada Larkina
Lada Larkina@akapylechka
Wow! Thanks for sharing 🙌🏻 It looks useful! We’ve just finished another Android app, that has multiple Banner Managers, that holds banner weights and triggers. Was really exhausting to do all of that, but we have some very specific triggers, that, as I understand, cannot be fulfilled other than locally. For example, we show a cool promo for or Premium subscription, when a user activates in a certain feature and have already completed activation in some other features. Is it possible to do the same with CleverPay?
Dan Kozlov
Dan KozlovMaker@dkzlv · Product Manager,
@akapylechka Hi, Lada! Thanks for your question. Don't wanna dive deep into details, but it is actually quite easy to do with CleverPay. More than that, you could have added new and change old triggers, as well as experiment on the content of these promos, if you have used CleverPay in your app. Too bad you weren't aware of us back then :( You can reach of to us, we'll help you set up all the stuff, if you'd like.
Lada Larkina
Lada Larkina@akapylechka
@dkzlv Ok, thanks, I’ll discuss that with our team. Good luck! 👍
George Willaman
George Willaman@georgewillaman · Developer & Student Pilot
Awesome, congrats on the successful launch! 🎉 Really amazing to see how CleverPay has evolved, and can't wait to see what future updates it holds. Good job CleverPay team! Will totally kick ass and streamline developing/testing in-app putchases!!
Savelii Kovalenko
Savelii KovalenkoMaker@savelii · Marketing Manager, CleverPumpkin
@georgewillaman Hi George! Thanks for your feedback. And we can't wait to share all the upcoming features with you. So stay tuned 😉
Alexander Boykov
Alexander Boykov@alexander_boykov · CEO Buzzweb, Investor
Great product!
Savelii Kovalenko
Savelii KovalenkoMaker@savelii · Marketing Manager, CleverPumpkin
@alexander_boykov Thanks for your feedback Alexander! We really appreciate it 💥