Clearbit Reports

A beautiful, free data breakdown of your customers

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Nick Persico
Nick PersicoHiring@nickpersico · Director of Revenue at Close
This is awesome. Bravo @maccaw and team. It'll be interesting to put your customer base through this tool to help with outbound campaign targeting. Idea kudos to @philfreo.
Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCawMakerHiring@maccaw · Founder of Clearbit
Excited to show off the latest addition to the Clearbit suite. Reports provide a fast and easy way to enrich and analyze a CSV list of emails or domains. Just upload your file, we'll enrich the data and show you a beautiful breakdown of key trends we've found in your data set. i.e. company sizes, locations, job roles and seniority. One of the coolest use cases we've seen has been Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) or Target Account profiling. Essentially programmatically determining your target customer based on historical data. Let us know what you think!
Saijo George
Saijo George@saijogeorge · Digital Marketer
@maccaw Hi Alex, this is amazing. Just signed up.
Nick Frost
Nick Frost@thinker · Growth Manager at
@maccaw congrats on launching this. What's the pricing model?
Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCawMakerHiring@maccaw · Founder of Clearbit
@thinker it's free! For us it just helps demonstrate the quality and power behind our data.
Igor Ozherelyev
Igor Ozherelyev@oiv · CEO, LeadCooker
Awesome stuff 👍! Big fan of Clearbit! Keep going guys 👏