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A water bottle that customizes the flavor of your water

8 Reviews
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  • Pros: 

    Great water bottle. Excellent idea! I love the flavor choices and that I can choose the flavor intensity.


    Some cartridges the mouth piece leaks. Out of the 4 I have opened so far 2 leak.

    I love it so far. I do think the scale of flavor is not very good though. 1 tastes no different than water. and 10 is like straight up just drink the flavoring why don't you. Also its not clear how long these are supposed to last? I mean clearly less flavor last longer and more flavor will be less.

    Mandolin Gags has used this product for one week.
  • Tamara KassonDispatcher

    Appears to be a great product but..


    Leaks, spews water from spigot, doesn't filter h20, health concerns

    The product proved to be faulty and questionable in terms of quality and caused nausea. I would have ceased use and cancelled but cirkuls customer service made that quite difficult. Their website happened to not process attempted cancellations until it was too late. The bottle without the flavorings is useless as it leaks and spits water in one's face. I tried to connect and resolve the issue but they refused to refund the product I literally cannot consume and sent it anyways. I advise caution in trying their product and wish anyone luck who has the misfortune of dealing with their customer service. The whole ordeal was disappointing as the product seemed really great but fell short to say the least. Worst company, 2018.

    Tamara Kasson has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Great Flavors


    50% chance of the cartridge leaking.

    I was told it was the way I was drinking, that would be great if it came from the spout. This is not from the top, and my husband has the same issue with his.

    Jen Smith Arnold has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    multiple flavors healthy and great to use


    cartridges come broken and small hassle with customer service

    as a person that works outside i need to be hydrated 24/7 on top of the 40 pound rucksack and the countless canteens water gets to be quite boring. cirkul has helped me drink even more and actually be exited to drink water. the packages can come broken i lost 2 flavors out of 5 i had ordered due to the small canister being broken from either rough handling or not fully sealed at the manufacture. other than that great price and great flavors

    Kodie Fowler has used this product for one year.
  • Kat McCaslinVet tech

    Some of Flavors are very good


    They make a mistake and refuse to make it right. They will ignore your messages and there is no way to contact someone personally. no refund

    Beside that the product was a bit high priced I would have continued to use them but when they take my money and refuse to give it back i would never use them again

    Kat McCaslin has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    great concept, most flavors are really


    some flavors are not concentrated enough so you have to dial high using dial fast ie: wasting your

    company says a pro is that they reduce waste. REALLY?? not sure what product you are using.

    this is kind of messed up since you really should only be selling the flavor pouches to your customers. Less production, packing, and would allow for a much higher profit margin. And this would ACTUALLY reduce waste.

    Meri Svancarek has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    No pros whatsoever. The company is awful. T


    The water tastes terrible. Filled with chemicals and artificial sweetener. It gave me terrible headaches.

    Don’t order the trial kit. They will automatically start sending you this expensive water if you want it or not. It’s very expensive too. About $1.00 a glass for crappy, toxic water. And whatever you do, don’t ask for your money back, they won’t issue refunds under any circumstances.

    Michael Stringer has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Nice selection of flavors, unique concept, good customer service, love the adjustable strength


    Leakage at times, a little pricey but manageable

    I love this product! Yes its not perfect, sometimes there is a little but of leakage but nothing crazy and ultimately its WATER so it wont kill you! I have never had my bottle "spit at me" as some have said but maybe i have just been lucky. Some of the complaints i have heard are headaches, cost, customer service and "flavor intensity". Headaches....its sucralose (Splenda) in many of the flavors. This can and does cause headaches for some people. I feel blaming this on the manufacturer is unfair. If you have an artificial sweetener intolerance then yes you may get headaches. Cirkul has many options without the sucralose to relieve this possibility. As far as cost, that's a personal choice. You get what you pay for and choose what you pay for. This is not a necessity and noone is forcing you to buy it so if you think it costs too much, then don't buy it. Keep in mind the intent is to not "only" drink the flavoring but also alternate with just water. Supply and demand, enough said on that. Customer service, i havent had any issues with this at all, as a matter of fact it appeared someone had stolen the bottle from our shipment and they quickly replaced it with no fuss. The last item, falvor intensity, seems like an especially silly complaint. "10 is too strong, 1 tastes like water", really? Thats kind of the concept, find something in between that you like is sort of the point! Bottom line is its a unique product with some nice benefits if you choose to use it, and if you dont the world and life will still continue to move forward.

    Paul SanStrong has used this product for one month.