Find out who removed your service from their website.

#2 Product of the DayApril 23, 2019
You invest a lot to acquire new customers, make them signup and add your JS snippet to their website - that's amazing!!! But, what if they removed it 5 minutes later? You lost them and you didn't even know that. Let's shed some light on users who churn!
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Hi all! 👋 Let's keep it short. We've been working on ChurnKit for the last few months as an internal tool at ProveSource, to find out who has removed our javascript code from their website - to collect their feedback. You invest in acquiring new users, you make them signup and try your product by adding your code to their website - that's a lot of dollars spent. But then, 10 days later you find out your product is no longer installed on their website. Such a waste! 😞 We managed to recover 22% of the total uninstalls + collect valuable feedback since we started using ChurnKit internally. 🔥🔥 That's why we have decided to launch it as a tool - to help other companies reduce churn and convert more free/trial users to paid. If your product or service involves adding a small snippet to a website to make it work, you MUST give ChurnKit a try.
Hey, cool idea. Just out of interest are you the same makers as - Layout and illustrations are pretty much the same? CC @wssn @duruldoktoroglu @mertcanyucel
@rhysbeingsocial Thank you Rhys. Nope, we're not maker of Churnkit. They used our own design, layout and illustrations. I think they really liked it lol.
Thanks for the mention @rhysbeingsocial, thats definitely not us, and that is called "stealing". We're so disappointed at this, and this product is no 1 of the day with a stolen design.
@rhysbeingsocial @wssn @duruldoktoroglu sent you guys DM! TL;DR - we got scammed by a developer from UpWork! We changed the icons and contacted him for explanations! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
This is brilliant. I suppose you could use this for competitive intelligence as well, to monitor when customer leads remove competitor integrations.
@rrhoover It's not everyday you hear the founder of PH on your post :-) much appreciated, you're definitely right about the competitive intelligence.
Awesome idea guys! Good luck
@tomer_aharon Thanks man, appreciate your feedback!
Great idea
@axelrod_eric Thanks Eric!