Chatbots for LiveChat

Create your bot in BotEngine and use it in your LiveChat

From now you can create a bot in BotEngine, connect it with your LiveChat and let the chatbot handle all the simple cases.

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Dariusz Zabrzeński
Dariusz Zabrzeński
Hi all! This is Darek, I’m the maker of BotEngine. A few days ago we could have finally announced that BotEngine is a product created by LiveChat R&D team. We’ve created it to make work of our customers easier and help them with automatization of simple cases. We know that they have to answer the same questions over and over again. From now all the cases can go at first to a bot. If a bot is not able to handle a case it is smoothly passed on to an agent. Simple as that!
Michael Sharkey
CEO, Autopilot
Congrats guys this is super exciting! Look forward to checking it out.