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Cavako is a suite of Lead Generation tools to instantly boost your conversions. First tool launched is Social Proof notifications, followed by Personalised Deadline Offers within few weeks.
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Hello Fellow Hunters We are developing a suite of marketing apps that will help you increase your sales. Consider this a series of hypothesis we want to validate. That Include: -Different approach to Product Market Fit. We are launching apps every 4-6 weeks within the suite. As we grow our user base we will be working very closely with them to launch our next products. Once we have a clear winner in an app, we will shift our entire focus on it. -100% Free Forever apps. As well as working on paid tools, we have a separate team working on apps that are Free forever i.e No sign ups, no up-sells. Though the apps will be very feature rich, we are thinking of them as super highly interactive content. Meaning visitors will be highly engaged giving us SEO boost for our other paid applications too. -Multilingual. We plan to focus heavily on Global markets. According to our research, there are huge gaps and opportunities without any competition. As we test our hypothesis, we will be publishing more and more about our experiences. Launch Schedule for our Applications: -Social Proof Notifications (Launching now) -Personalized Deadline Offers (2nd Week of December) -Free Application 1 (3rd week of December) -More to follow.. Offer: We are offering Free Lifetime access to first 100 Sign ups. That includes Free access to all our future tools too. What do we need? Please give us your feedback as much as possible. Specifically we need: -Feedback on application -Feature requests -Suggestions on future tools Feel free to leave any comments :) Thanks Hammad P.s: Many thanks to @razkarmi for hunting us.
Personalised offers scary me πŸ˜… as well as I hate things like chasing me πŸ™ˆ but probably because it works πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
@olia_puh :) Give the application a try and see if you want any other features?
Very promising lead gen tool built by a great team. Best of luck to you guys!
@daniil_kopilevych Many thanks. What other tools should we build in the suite?
i would like to see testimonials popping in as social proof at right time.
@navin_hiremath Thats a great idea. Few questions: -With longer testimonials, would you expect the notification popup to appear bigger? -How Often would you like the testimonials to be roated?
@hammad_akbar sorry for the delay in reply. I would like to see testimony with other features because clicking on testimony starts driving them into my funnels. unlike other social proof which is kind of non interactive with user by displaying ( visitors location, visitor number , previous purchase etc ), what i would like to see with yours is driving interaction by making visitors click on testimonials and driving them into my funnel. You could show 2or 3 lines of selected testimony with company names to make them curious and take action, i am not sure about the rotation of testimonials, think it would be website specific and if you can give controls to the user to set the rotations as well as choosing their testimonials to be displayed.
Seems really useful ! I will definitely test this, good luck with your tools suite !
@yani Many thanks. Would love for you to use the application.