$Cashtags by Square

Get paid via $cashtags for things you do online or in person

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It's surprisingly still difficult to accept and pay people online. Venmo makes this much easier but it's designed for friends. Stripe-integrated Payzo and Plasso are decent but require more upfront setup and built primarily for freelancers or SMB's.
P.S. click here 😉
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@rrhoover seems to work without the dollar sign, so this might be an even easier url to give: http://cash.me/rrhoover
@rrhoover I agree. I love Venmo and am still shocked by its massive consumer adoption by my "non-tech" friends. But I still find it difficult to find my friends for a first time payment to them on the platform, and usually end up asking them (via showing them my phone to their face), "is this you??" before pulling the trigger.
Can't wait for it to be released in Europe. Would be cool to claim a hashtag through the web app as well though
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Give love (& $cash) to us Europeans... PLEASE. :(
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Simple Wins.
Ladies and gents we have a game changer... Genius