Use Capture to take 3D scans, share them with friends, or save and download them in any file format.

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Looks really cool - almost like a cheat to get some 3D models for my apps 😛 In the app, what's the gesture for flipping the camera from selfie mode to the back camera?
@zelena Great question 😄 The app requires the TrueDepth camera on the front of the phone (where the 'notch' is) to gather depth data - just like FaceID to unlock your phone. That's why it only works in "selfie mode", or with the front camera. We anticipate there will be a depth camera on the rear of the phone in the future, but in the meantime, we're working on some phone attachments that will help redirect the IR rays so you can still see the screen while you scan.
@garrettspiegel Ah got it! I'll try to ninja my way through with the selfie cam 🙂
@zelena @garrettspiegel Hi Garrett! Would it be possible to stream the video feed to an Apple Watch while scanning to use it as a viewfinder? Awesome app by the way ;)
@zelena @giovagalbiati You can definitely either Airplay to a compatible device or view your screen through USB via Quicktime on your laptop (the latter is how we captured the screen for the videos above) Like I mentioned, we're working on an attachment that will redirect the rays 90 degrees so you can still be looking at your screen while you scan things from the top of your phone. And thanks!
@garrettspiegel Great app! I would suggest making an Apple Watch app in the meantime that can be the monitor, like the native Apple Watch Camera app.
I’ve been running around all morning grabbing models from different objects just to check how well this app can pull a mesh and it’s held up. I’m not talking just a can of soda, I’ve been grabbing people, full-size cars, and furniture. Besides being just a fun tool, this can really help with some 3D modeling aspects. Awesome job guys! 🙌
I have been using this free to use Capture 3D app for a few weeks now since its launch. This is truly one of those apps that should have come preinstalled with iPhone X or iPad Pro 2018 with True Depth camera. Capture app unlocks the ability for user to scan the point cloud data, complete with color and normal data for further processing. The raw PLY data currently accessible via their online cloud storage for further processing or sharing via Sketchfab. While from the device itself we are able to export USDZ format mesh (currently as triangles point cloud, no color or texture yet), and THIS is I think one of a big thing. Easily scan anything and share it as raw point cloud is a huge thing. I am hoping that the app can continue to be developed, offering features and services for 3D processing and allows professionals and non 3D users to understand the possibilities.
@jimmygunawanapp Thanks for sharing, @jimmygunawanapp! We'll be adding meshing soon - and once there are some external bugs fixed with the color/USDZ data, we'll add that in too!
Ahead of its time!
This is a killer app for AR!