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I have a love / hate relationship with this product right now. I spent 2 hours today helping my girlfriend design her resume in Photoshop. 1 hour later, I get on PH and see this. Haha this is great, good job guys.
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@giologist Thank you for the kind words haha! Hope CakeResume will help you!
Hello Product Hunters! I am the founder of CakeResume. I built the site to solve my own problem - I built some websites and apps before, and wanted to create a page to showcase my projects. But I couldn't find a tool that can help me build this page easily without content restrictions. So I built the website by myself. CakeResume is more than a resume, it's a hybrid of a traditional resume and a personal website. It helps you introduce yourself in the way you prefer. By the drag-and-drop editor, I make sure everyone can create an unique and vivid self introduction. Hope you like it. Thank you! Best, Trantor
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@trantorliu It sounds great! Before I go exploring, is a premium service?
@nadeburg It's basically free. You can pay $9.99 to buy premium resume snippets, or invite 2 friends to join to get them for free. Besides that, you can create CakeResume Career Pages (beta) for free right now - https://www.cakeresume.com/caree...
@nadeburg However, with 30+ free snippets, you can make a great one :D
@trantorliu Why oh why not a login with LinkedIn which already fills out most of the fields?
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@trantorliu The problem I have is many relatives who ask me to polish up their resumes, either for themselves or their son/daughter. Personally I haven't updated my resume in years but this is definitely going to make it easier for me to say no to the relatives :) Awesome!
I organized a hackathon recently where we required resumes, so we included links to resume generators like EnhanceCV. I got a lot of messages from recruiters who really, really disliked these resumes. Here's what we learned 1) Do not use an image. Companies are actively trying to avoid being biased in the interview process and will toss out any resumes that readily indicate race or gender 2) In general, don't give space to graphical representations (e.g.: the timeline in the tutorial video). They're generally understood to be wasted space and using them may signal to the recruiter that you didn't have enough content to fill that space 3) Resume generators sometimes encourage you to include skills you're not proficient in (e.g.: 2/5 star proficiency in java) for the sake of visual completeness. Do not include these.
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@cwrichardkim Thank you for the advices! I know all these principles. But I'd like to change the nature of resume. Let machine filter keywords or qualifications, so you can share about something you really care on your resume. Resumes nowadays are less human, I'd like create a tool that inspire people to share their stories.
@trantorliu While I agree with that sentiment (resumes and the job application process are VERY broken), it's hard to justify doing something that is actively discouraged by recruiters. If recruiters throw out all resumes with photos, then it doesn't matter how good the generated resume is, it'll be thrown out Let me clarify by saying I still think this is a valuable product and I don't want this to come across as a criticism of your work! I just wanted to include some words of caution from my experience.
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@trantorliu The chance to tell your story is what the interview process is for. As @cwrichardkim mentioned, most companies do not want to be biased when looking for interviewees and putting a face to the resume doesn't help with that. With that said, your app is great, there are just certain things that I would not want to include, like my photo.
@neurohacked Thank you. I'll keep in mind. However, some countries don't have this constraint. Btw, I wonder why LinkedIn accepts photos?
@trantorliu linked in is primarily a network and secondarily an application platform that enables recruiters to do *further* research. Also, when you apply with linkedin, most website actually convert everything to plaintext for a variety of reasons (save space, consistent formatting, remove images). It's actually rather frustrating because after importing from LinkedIn you have to format the pain text that linkedin returned. Again, not criticizing the product, just words of caution
This is great. Slightly disappointed that this doesn't turn my CV into an actual cake though...
@basgras Sorry about that XD We will consider introducing this service on fool's day.
YOU BASTARDS. Where were you guys when I needed you two weeks ago? :( Time to kill my useless EnhanCV subscription. Ugh.
Small tip btw. I think you should have some ready made templates (also) to start from rather than a blank slate - once I can see how beautiful it can appear visually, I'm much more into it. :)
@rahulr047 Sorry about that XD
@rahulr047 actually, we have some example, but they were made by Taiwan users and are in Chinese - https://www.cakeresume.com/resumes You can submit your resume to us, and we'll feature and share it!
@trantorliu Cool! Will try to do it this week, little busy today haha. One fundamental problem with the templates you have is even though they are visually appealing, they aren't really super professional. They are probably best for UX/UI/Visual designers. Making resumes sucks. I would say have standard templates for Developers, Product Managers, Digital Marketers, Designers. You can basically rip these off from your competitors. The drawback with the other tools I have used is customizability, which you guys have. (Enhancv doesn't let me bold font like wtf)