Free and transparent audit of any Instagram account

Buzzweb is a free and easily accessible tool that aims to make influencer marketing simpler. You can get a transparent rating for any Instagram account, based on the candid data, including the blogger’s engagement rate, their performance audience quality and reachability, whether they have fake likes and followers, and their core audience metrics.

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Advertisers often risk working with bloggers who have fake followers or they target the wrong audience. You can check all these factors manually, but it requires much more time. Each blogger has a Buzzweb rating from F to A, and there is A+ rating for phenomenal bloggers you absolutely should work with if you want to attain great results. It’s easy, based on accurate analysis and free. Plus, each brand gets an opportunity to leave a review after collaborating with a blogger.
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@nikkielizdemere thank you for featuring us!
Hey everyone =) We’re excited to release our product here and we hope you gonna like it. Thank you Nichole for featuring us! What is the common problem in working with bloggers? Lack of transparency. You don’t know their audience quality, real influence degree, as well as the audience reachability. You hope they don’t cheat with likes. You will waste a lot of time in communications and not gonna get the result for sure. We are about to change it saving your time and money. Now you can open and check any Instagram influencer. Buzzweb Rating will prove your with the full review on a blogger’s account. We gather all the information you need and summarize it in a grades from F to A (and in some fantastic situations A+) to make it easy to compare two or more bloggers. And of course if you want more detailed information, you can get even it. Moreover, in the future we are gonna have even more detailed report (stay in touch with us here And the best of all - it’s absolutely free! You can check any Instagram influencer and share it with the direct link like Hope you like it guys. We'd love to hear your feedback.
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@alexander_boykov How do you plan to monetise it ?
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@shreyaa_ratra , we are gonna offer much more detailed information for companies that really need the in-depth analytics and for the companies that need to analyze a lot of accounts.
@alexander_boykov Product looks great! What's your approach to verify authenticity? Will Instagram's recent API changes affect your ability to do this for any account? Do you think you will offer tools to help individuals that receive a poor score? Thanks!
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@realdontae if I understand you right, we verify the influencer's authenticity with the rating. The rating is based on the audience quality combined with an average engagement rate for the similar size bloggers. The better the rating score, the more reliable the influencer is.
Hey guys, really like the idea. Seems like it could be a great tool and eventually set the standard for auditing social accounts if used a lot. I used the tool and had some thoughts: - I think having some pages open up in new tabs is handy but I found myself in a loop between the dashboard page and 'open report' page where I had more new tabs opened than necessary. I wonder if this is something you've also come across? - After putting in an @handle to audit, the copy suggests that you can get results without sharing your email, but that you should only share your email if you want to be notified when it's ready. It seems that you must share your email to see results? - Lastly, the copy suggests the report will be complete within 1-10 minutes but this hasn't been the case for me. Overall, really like the concept and excited to see growth!
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@kullyjethwa thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it! - You can sign up and then monitor the whole process as a list from one page. - There has been a major increase of traffic to our website so the new reports need a bit more time to load now. Therefore, we decided to add an email form so you can receive the report as soon as it’s ready. Don’t worry - we are not going to spam you with emails =) And of course, we are improving the process of the report creation and it will be much faster.
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I was needed to find some Instagram bloggers with audience 10-40k followers for promoting my service three days ago. It is good to have this instrument because I can check audience of a blogger before and choose the most appropriate audience for me. Good luck with your product guys.
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Great job guys! 👌
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@websiteseba thank you, Sebastian!