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Have personal, real-time conversations with your customers.

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This is so brilliant. Once a customer messages a business, they will NEVER want to return to voice calls for most transactions. With asynchronous chat, customers will finally be able to "record these chats for quality purposes". This solves the "app discovery" problem for users, and means many companies will transact more revenue through this channel than they will over their native apps. So many opportunities here...
Moving into Path Talk territory. cc @davemorin
@davemorin @rrhoover I thought this too, but for some reason I keep seeing it falling a little bit short. More so feel the Path helpers calling is a more direct connection than the chat; mainly due to how many (smaller) companies will want to pay someone to be active on the chat system.
To play devils advocate here, if personal messages and conversations with companies we do business with are mixed together, doesn't messenger run the risk of essentially becoming email?
@ghobs91 Might not be a bad thing, given how many people despise email and have been migrating to Slack.
@ghobs91 I agree. I prefer a dedicated outside Business Messenger, but identity gives them a huge advantage here.
This is going to prove to be a huge winner for Facebook, especially since it had initial backlash with the separation of the Facebook App and its messages. This will make the B2C experience seamless and friendly. Bravo!
This is incredible. It'll make Facebook messenger even more essential for the average person.