Bravo Studio

Mobile prototypes just got real

Turn Figma designs into native iOS & Android apps instantly. No coding.
➡️ ️Import from Figma
☁️ Cloud based solution
📱 iOS & Android
😇 Fully native actions
🔌 Connect to APIs
♾ Display unlimited data pages in your app designs
🥳 Airtable Integration
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Hello! Victor from the development team behind Bravo. Thought I'd fill in a bit about the technology behind Bravo, for all the hungry developers of Product Hunt. Basically, the product has been built in four parts, with four developers owning each part. First off is the Bravo Previewer which is built with Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. Backend is built with NestJS on NodeJS and deployed on AWS. Frontend is built using ClojureScript using Reagent and Re-Frame. If you have any questions for us in the development team, please let us know! Otherwise we'd love to hear any feedback you have about Bravo :)
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This is by far one of the most exciting things I have seen on producthunt lately. Will try it out soon 👌
@dylandeheer Thank you Dylan! Let us know any feedback you may have! We will be around to hear you out and help in any way possible. Enjoy Bravo!
Hi Product Hunt 👋 I’m Toby from the Bravo Studio team. As a team of designers we built Bravo to help us speed the mobile app development process and allow us to create publishable mobile apps from designs in our favourite design tool (directly with Figma for now with more to come, but in the meantime Figma imports Sketch files To get functionality and dynamic content in the app, we allow you to connect your design to APIs so you can leverage all the awesome services out there (for example Airtable for databases, Typeform for data collection and Zapier for logic). Its less "no code" more "yes api" 😬. A few things I should highlight: 🔍 You can preview your app using our previewer, Bravo Vision. The Android version is in the Google Play Store and you can request an iOS version from using this 📱 You can request a publishable bundle from us which is exactly the same as the previewed version just with a splash screen and icon and you can´t scan apps (its fully native on both Android and iOS - no frameworks at all - so its really small and fast). 👋 If you want to preview a different app you just have to shake your mobile and rescan. When you sign up you get the ability to have 3 mobile app projects, and you can increase this number by referring your friends. However as a special early Christmas present for product hunt if you email, or DM us at @bravostudioapp, telling us the email address you use for Figma, we will give you an extra 10 apps (we will double that to 20 if you give us some feedback 🙏). The team and I will be online all day here to answer any questions or feedback that you may have. Let us know what you come up with.
Big fan of what you guys are doing! I already hit you up via live chat to suggest that you equity crowdfund, I'm sure the no/low code community would love to have a vested interest in the future of this project 🙏
@marty Thanks! Its an interesting idea, we will look into it, it would be great to get the community more involved.
Congratulations, you made such an interesting and useful product for designers all around! I'd use Figma only to try Bravo now! Will recommend it to other designers.
@marcellorizzo appreciate the kind words