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What do you think about Bravo Studio?
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66 Reviews
Karla Fernandes

Product at Vitamina K

6 reviews
As a passionate designer and creator, I embarked on a remarkable journey with Bravo Studio that has forever changed the way I bring my designs to life. From the first click to the final product, Bravo Studio has been an invaluable tool in turning my design ideas into fully functional apps. Throughout my 21-day design thinking journey creating Nocode Kraft, Bravo Studio played a pivotal role in transforming my low-fidelity wireframes into breathtaking high-fidelity prototypes. With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, Bravo Studio enabled me to add functionality, interactions, and animations that brought my designs to life. The seamless integration between Bravo Studio and other essential tools, such as Figma, Airtable, and Tally Forms, enhanced my workflow and boosted productivity. By connecting my designs with real data from Airtable and effortlessly linking forms with Tally Forms, I was able to create a dynamic and interactive user experience. One of the standout features of Bravo Studio is its powerful tagging system. By tagging elements within my designs, I could easily add functionality and connect them with APIs, turning static screens into interactive app experiences. This flexibility allowed me to iterate rapidly, test ideas, and refine the user flows of my app prototype. Usability testing was a breeze with Bravo Studio. I could share my prototypes with participants and gather invaluable feedback remotely using Zoom. Bravo Studio's seamless integration with other collaboration tools facilitated efficient communication and collaboration, making it easier to implement user feedback and enhance the app's usability. Beyond its technical capabilities, Bravo Studio's support and community engagement have been exceptional. The Bravo team has been responsive, helpful, and genuinely interested in the success of my projects. Their commitment to building a vibrant community of creators and makers is evident in their active presence on social media and their willingness to listen and address user needs. In conclusion, Bravo Studio has been the driving force behind the successful launch of 15+ apps, including Nocode Kraft. It has empowered me to unleash my creativity and turn my design ideas into fully functional apps without writing a single line of code. With Bravo Studio, I have discovered a game-changing tool that has elevated my design process and allowed me to create user experiences that truly resonate with my audience. If you're a designer, creator, or developer looking to bring your designs to life with speed and efficiency, I wholeheartedly recommend Bravo Studio. Its seamless integration, powerful features, and unwavering support make it a must-have tool in your design toolkit. Bravo Studio has forever changed the way I approach app development, and I can't wait to see what it has in store for future projects. Thank you, Toby, Pedro, Javier, and the whole Bravo Studio Team, for empowering creators like me and for providing a platform that bridges the gap between design and development. You've turned my design dreams into reality, and for that, I am immensely grateful. Bravo, indeed!

Mehdi Roshan Fekr


2 reviews
A great and evolving tool. They are my first option for quick PoC and small MVPs

Aleksander Frankowicz

Product Manager at Muzaic

5 reviews
The simplest way to create a mobile app - and a milestone in nocode tools for its easiness. You get your Figma file and bind elements with data on Airtable. That's it! You got mobile apps!

Jonas Scheid
4 reviews
I've been following Bravo Studio for a while and have already published multiple apps using it. It's crazy how new and requested features just keep coming in. Keep it up!

Justin Bieber

Community & Support

11 reviews

Germán Vidal


1 review
I'm very Happy with the results

Sean Rainey
Co-Founder, Friendship Socks
1 review
Just exactly what I was after. Super excited to see where it goes!

mousa alzahrani
creative director , problem solving :)
1 review
one of my best tools to build mobile app

Rebecca Ferguson
Hey I'm Fergie, UX Product designer.
1 review
Bravo Studio is a phenomenal solution! It has enabled me to take my designs and create a real working app with complex functionality and launch it to the app store. I'm not a developer, I can't code and this has opened up a whole world of possibilities for my work. LOVE IT!

Glenn McWhinney
Helper of SMEs, NoCode Maker, Optimist
24 reviews
Having launched 2 apps to both app stores recently using Bravo Studio I only wish I had had the Bravorizer to make it even faster and easier but still, my client and I were more than happy with everything! Next project I'll use it from the start 😉 Good luck with the launch today @toby_oliver1 & co.!