Brandmark V2

The deep learning logo maker

About has been completely revamped, with tons of new logo styles, unique fonts and AI technologies packed into the backend.

We now offer pre-branded design assets, perfect for kickstarting your next venture.

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Web Developer

The potential of something like this is rather big. But at the moment it just sticks random icons above random fonts.


UI looks great


Just another AI made these logos site.

Principal, Serial Marketer

You get slightly more than what you pay for here. It's more clever and offers more variety than other such tools I've seen, but that doesn't mean the quality is any better.


You can generate a lot of logos


Most of the logos are really terrible

Software engineer, making new products!

Great concept that works awesome.


Works like a charm!


Not yet found

Skin care therapist, cosmetologist.
I have purchased the designer package for 65$ that was offered to me after creating a logo for my brand. I really enjoyed the UI and I liked a large variety of logos to choose from. So I figured paying a bit more than just for a logo to get an opportunity to create and edit different designs for social media, business cards etc. would be a great deal. However as soon as I started using site's SVG editor I immediately experienced issues. Firstly, it was impossible to write a text consisting of more than just one line and in order to do that I had to create several different text boxes. Also the editor didn't have automatic alignment so it was impossible to get even spaces between different text boxes. The editor lagged and did not perform properly even though the reception was perfect. To edit all the sample pictures the way I wanted I had to download them and use my own editor which made the Brandmark's editor completely useless. I really hope those issues will be fixed in the future.