has been completely revamped, with tons of new logo styles, unique fonts and AI technologies packed into the backend.

We now offer pre-branded design assets, perfect for kickstarting your next venture.

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hey guys it's been a few months since I launched the original - since then I've been hard at work on version 2 with a completely new UX There are a lot of logo makers on product hunt, but brandmark differentiates itself with the application of deep learning technologies - we use a convolutional NN for icon categorization, font pairing, and a GAN for color generation. One of the new logo types we have is the letter-replacement design. We use a NN to find icons that are shaped like a letter in your company name, that are also related thematically to your brand keywords. anyways, check it out and let me know what you think!
@jak_9994 great job! product looks great!
Very simple walk-through and UX, I like it However I feel it would be nice to provide at least something for free (e.g. low-res logo, less options, no editing). As I've said in other PH logo generator posts, I am reluctant to pay more than $5 for an automated service if I can hire a designer on fiverr for that exact same price, who will give more customization.
@aviggiano Hi Antônio! I'm working on a completely free alternative for users who feel the pricing is too high. Sign up to our mailing list (on one of the tools pages) to get notified when it's available. I think it could be a lot of work to sort through fiverr designs, as seen in this medium post: convenience and immediacy is one of our selling points. If you need any customization I'm happy to do it for you, which is another way we differentiate from other logo maker services.
@jak_9994 That's an great post, and it makes a good point. Personally, if I wanted a good logo, I wouldn't hire someone for $5, but if I was just building a quick MVP to validate an idea, I would want to spend as little as possible. That's why I am desperately looking for a good freemium logo generator (still haven't found it). If it the idea proves to be successful, I would buy a professional logo. Maybe there's a business opportunity there, I don't know. I will definitely sign up to your mailing list, thanks.

The potential of something like this is rather big. But at the moment it just sticks random icons above random fonts.


UI looks great


Just another AI made these logos site.

I've been watching Jack's projects for some time. They are really impressive. V2 is a considerable improvement over V1.
I can’t imagine the amount of hours that went into creating this. It’s fun to try out products like this to see technology at work. Products like this showcase your talents and offer an opportunity for others to create. Can’t wait to see what’s next.