Logo Crunch

Make your logo multi-res using computer vision

Logo Crunch uses computer vision to make multi-resolution favicons and app icons

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hey guys logo crunch is a design tool that helps you create multi-res favicons and app icons. It uses morphological operators from computer vision to make your logo more legible at small sizes (dilate, erode, open/close operators) let me know what you think!
@jak_9994 Looks especially useful for favicons, love it.
Wow, this is probably going to become an essential on my toolbelt.
Ahh just what I need! I have a favicon that looks like garbage at the moment... lol will for sure give this a try later tonight. Thanks @jak_9994 !

I was able to generate a new logo for our existing company in within seconds. So good, that I'm showing it to my colleagues to consider it!


Easy to use, great logo within seconds. No paradox of choice.


Clustering of similar designs might be useful (or a button to show more/less like this). Feature to preview the design on t-shirts & mugs.

Cool app for logo styles of all kinds


Great app