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Advanced “deep linking” technology for app developers, which allows for a more powerful means of sharing content from within apps, referring or inviting others to install apps, and more.
I'm one of the founders of Branch Metrics and SO excited to see it on Product Hunt! Would love to hear your feedback!!
amazing product! @mada299 curious how do you close the loop from link through app install?
@kareemk Here is an article about how our matching and attribution works.
Hi @kareemk, great question. You're right, deep linking becomes a bit more complicated when it involves passing data through app stores. If we detect that the user has the app installed, we can send them straight to the appropriate content easily... But if we detect the user does not have the app installed, we use a combination of fingerprinting (for users who haven't used a Branch Link before) and an anonymous user library (for those that have clicked Branch links before) to create super accurate matches. For fingerprinting: if we have never seen a user before, branch collects information about devices when a link is clicked, then matches that information when the app is opened for the first time by the same user, sending them to the correct content (perhaps a friend referral onboarding process, or content specific to an ad they were interested in). This fingerprinting information includes IP address, OS, OS version, device model, and screen size, to name a few. However, because Branch has already been integrated in thousands of apps, many users (hundreds of millions of them so far!!) that are downloading your app have already used Branch links. Even if they haven't downloaded your specific app before, we can use the anonymous ID we made for them to guarantee 100% accuracy in deep linking through the app store when they download your app for the first time. You can read about all of this in-depth here: Hope this helps answer your question!
similar to Tapstream onboarding links. Guessing it doesn't integrate with Twitter and Facebook native app install ads though. Which is a shame. We're running some tests right now - regular promoted link posts with Tapstream custom onboard experience links vs. "generic" app install links with Twitter and Facebook's native install units.