Branch App Store URLs

Create one link for your app on any device in 30 seconds


One link to download your iOS or Android app, or open the URL of your website. One link for any app, any platform, and any device. No more broken user experiences and no more delays.

Branch App URLs are powered by the platforms, meaning they have full attribution and support deep linking.

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13 Reviews5.0/5

App links are free and super easy to implement, I was really glad once we started using them


Really easy to setup, app links are critical for marketing


Wish instructions for deep linking were a little clearer

Thank you for the feedback! We'll work on making the instructions clearer. If you are looking for full blown deep links, you can set them up in your Branch dashboard: https://branch.dashboard.branch....

It's free, it's fast, and it works. What's better than that?


Fast links to your app across desktop and mobile.


Deeplinks can get complicated. Fortunately there's documentation if you want to spend the time.