You have a website and an app, and you advertise both of them. But how accurate is your cross-platform measurement? With Universal Ads from Branch, you can finally optimize campaign performance and track your full return on investment in one place, using data from every channel and platform.

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Hi there! Mada here, one of the founders of Branch. Digital ads are a great way to accelerate growth as you build your business. The problem? Links in ads don't always work, resulting in error messages and poor user experiences. And to add insult to injury, attribution across channels (ads, emails, web-to-app banners, social, etc.), platforms, and devices is a fragmented disaster. There's no single tool that captures ALL of your data. We built Universal Ads to help solve both of these issues. Whether you use Facebook (Branch is now a Facebook MMP, so we get official data straight from the source!), Google, or any of our dozens of ad network partners, Branch has you covered. Best of all, we offer tiered pricing based on MAUs rather than install events, which means you won't pay more just because you drive more conversions. We even have a free tier for startups with fewer than 10,000 MAUs! We started as app developers ourselves and we remember how hard it it is to get a mobile business off the ground and we want to make it easier for you! Let us know what you think about this new product! As always, we're excited to see what you build.
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If we already have the Branch SDK integrated what are the additional on boarding steps in order to get setup with Universal Ads? Is it straightforward?
@iamtherealcmk If you already have the Branch SDK integrated, It's about as straightforward as you can get! Sign into your account at, and navigate to the "Ads" tab on the left. Under the "Partner Management" sub-tab, you can select the ad networks you're using. You need to put in a couple pieces of information, and then you're good to start creating links!
Congrats on launching and becoming a Facebook MMP! Great to see more players in the attribution space! How does Branch compare to other solutions such as Adjust or AppsFlyer?
@lehrjulian, thank you! And great question. Like Branch, Adjust and AppsFlyer are Facebook MMPs. This means that we all get our Facebook ads data "straight from the source" via a special API. Branch still has the most bullet-proof deep linking system in the world, so you get great measurement for Facebook ads, AND great user experiences. Outside of Facebook is where things get more interesting: Branch's People-Based Attribution ( also captures data from your other acquisition channels (sharing, social media, email, mobile web, etc.), which other attribution providers don't cover. That means they can only show you a partial view of what's going on. Branch aggregates everything across channels and platforms (web and app) in one place, giving you an awesomely seamless view of customer journeys across channel. Here's an example: if your user clicks a web display ad and downloads a week later. Branch will connect that conversion back to the search ad. A traditional provider would see it as 'direct'.
@alexdbauer Thanks for the elaborate answer! :) People-based attribution does indeed sound very interesting. Curious: How are you guys doing this? Finger printing?
@lehrjulian another great question πŸ˜‰. We have a page coming out about this later today, but in short: no, not fingerprinting. That's actually the matching method used by most attribution providers, but fingerprints are based on ephemeral data and decompose quickly. Plus there is always a risk of conflicting fingerprints...our background is in powering deep linked user experiences where accuracy is even more critical than it is in attribution, so matching the right user every time is very important. Because of our scale, Branch is able to bridge ACTUALLY unique identifiers between web (cookies) and app (IDFAs and GAIDs). This results in far more reliable persona data than would ever be possible via fingerprinting.
Congrats @mada299 and the Branch Team! This is very useful and we’ll use it at STATUS for sure!
Great job!! 😊