Boxy for Twitter

A gorgeous Twitter client for Mac 🐦💫


Gorgeous Mac client for Twitter, based on the mobile Twitter website. It has a beautiful and minimal interface, a convenient standalone Tweet composer, and it supports common macOS shortcuts. It also has a status bar icon for quick access.

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It's currently buggy and feature lacking, as with most new applications. I would suggest giving this one some time to mature and improve in quality before purchasing it. Judging by Boxy 2 it has good potential for the future.


A Twitter for Mac client!


Lacking in features/buggy, basically a thin wrapper for the web application.


I won't recommend it as it is not free.



Looks like an official app.


The price. Their should be a free option.

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I despise this kind of thinking. You should pay for things you like and use.
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"I won't recommend it as it's not free" lolol
@frankdilo Sure, but what are you asking the money for? What was your side of the effort?
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Hi there,

I'm loving Twitter & Tweetbot clients but I gave Boxy for Twitter a try. I must say the application feels overall very "webby"; like a website in a container. There are a couple of things, in my experience using the application, which are bothering me and prevent me from staying with the Boxy for Twitter application:

- Tabs are very jumpy, maybe keep tabs always at a fixed position, no repositioning or putting elements next/between to them. Try placing UI elements that are generated for a specific tab below the tabbar since they're only needed if that certain tab is selected.

- Tabs often need a double click. There is also delay in switching tabs, like the page (web?) needs to reload every time. Maybe preload them and keep them active in the background?

- Is my feed automatically refreshed? How about messages/notifications?

So again, I appreciate the work you're putting into this application. I'm an app developer myself so I know how feedback can create the app better and better. Hopefully you'll take this feedback positively and hopefully we'll see some updates soon! :)




Looks like the real twitter


Looks and performance feel like website in a container

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