Boxy Suite 2

The best Mac apps for Gmail, Calendar, Keep & Contacts.

Gmail, Calendar, Keep and Contacts, beautifully redesigned for Mac, now with more powerful features, like Instant Account Switching, Quick Launcher, Task Managers integration, automatic Dark Mode, and much more.
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Hey hunters! Boxy Suite co-founder and designer here! This is a very special launch for us. We've been working hard to make Boxy Suite more powerful and versatile, following users feedback and adding much requested feature. While 1500+ active users already loved Boxy Suite, we feel this update brings the Suite closer to our original vision. Gmail, Calendar and now also Keep and Contacts feel like first class macOS citizen now more than ever. The most important changes are in Boxy for Gmail: 🚀 A brand-new Quick Launcher. Hit `CMD+K` to quickly change account, navigate between sections (Inbox, Starred, …) and launch task managers; ✅ Task Managers integration: you can now quickly create a task in your favorite todo app, linking to the current email. We currently support: Things, OmniFocus, 2Do and Todoist. ⚡️ Instant Account Switching. This is a game changer: switching between accounts is now super fast! We intelligently cache your most recently used accounts and allow you to switch between them instantly. 1️⃣ Global Unread Counts. You will now be able to see at a glance the unread counts for all your accounts from the Quick Launcher (you can show it with `CMD+K`). 🔔 Global Notifications: you will now receive notifications for all your accounts, not just the frontmost one. 🌓 New and automatic Dark Mode. Now also the content of your emails will be dark, not only Gmail's interface. The theme follows your macOS dark mode configuration. There are also many improvements like Open Links in Background option, revamped Minimal Mode, improved mailto: links support and accounts handling, and more. We're also excited to add 2 brand-new apps to the Suite, Boxy for Keep and Boxy for Contacts, which will make the Google Apps experience on your Mac even better. PS: the first 30 people to use the coupon code `PH_20` will get a discount 😏 Follow this link to auto-apply it:
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Long time boxy user here! It’s been my go to inbox and I couldn’t live without it :)
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Awesome jobs! Love Boxy for Twitter and another great Boxy. Congrats with the launch.
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I'm a current user of the Boxy Suite and I can only say that it has made my day way more productive. Can't wait to try Boxy Suite 2, especially the Instant Account Switching feature, something I've been asking for!
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I've been using Boxy since Boxy for Inbox. As soon as they released Boxy Suite I bought a lifetime licence. I'm a huga fan and really recommend this product to anyone who frequently use the Google products they cover. The only complaint is the coloring of the dark mode theme actually. But you can change most of that in Gmail so it's fine for now :)


Great for productivity Love the "app" feeling instead of having multiple tabs open Awesome additions on-top of the normal feature-set


The dark mode is "too dark". Dark mode in Gmail doesn't always work as most things sent by mail is designed for a light background.

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