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Hey everybody! @chrismessina, firstly thanks so much for hunting us! We've tried to create a platform that makes it easy to build bots in a modular way using common code modules. The goal is simplicity, speed and flexibility in building bots. Only basic coding skills are required. Thanks in advance for checking and trying it out. We are really looking forward to seeing the ideas that people have. Ask us anything!
@slvnperron @chrismessina Congrats on the launch! We look forward to partnering up!
@slvnperron @chrismessina Looks supercool. Discussing a project for SSG bot.
@slvnperron congrats! Botkit / Howdy built an integration for bCRM.com and we have a few morein the pipe. Perhaps you'd like to work with us on providing your bot developers with a CRM and campaign management features as soon as they build a bot? paul@bcrm.com
@dpg Thanks a lot! I would be a pleasure to talk to you soon about partnership!
@charlesjo Thanks! By the way, what you did with SSG is awesome!
Hey Product Hunt! Sylvain and I are so excited to come out of stealth today! We’re building Botpress which is an open-source bot creation tool written in JavaScript. It is powered by a graphical interface and by a rich set of open-source modules built by the community. Botpress is on mission to make bots ubiquitous and profitable for everybody. We think that using closed-source tools is not the right approach for building awesome and powerful bots. To be able to create something great, it's important to have full control of your tools and to leverage the community efforts as much as possible. We like to say that “Botpress is like the Wordpress of Bots”; anyone can create and reuse other people's modules. We are very excited to interact with all of you and answer any questions you may have!
Happy to see it finally coming out from alpha release. Tested it. It worked really well. The founders have worked really hard. @slvnperron 👍
@devenbhooshan Thanks alot for the kind words Deven. Glad you like it!
We've all seen the virtuous circle an ecosystem can create. I strongly believe this model, with open source NLU, is a winner stack. Great job guys!
Thanks @phildionne! Glad you like it!
So glad these guys made tthis, as its what I wanted :)
@jcampbell_05 Thanks! It will be a pleasure for us to work with someone like you.