Find people who hate the same things as you

Boar is a tiny social network where you can express your anger about anything.

I get why you built this... my concern would be that because its focusing on negative conversations, posts, etc and its anonymous - I imagine this could turn into a dark place and overall not an enjoyable experience for people to come to.
@bentossell My submission to App Store got delayed because of this. I had to add filtering, reporting, and blocking to the app before they'd accept. There are a few safeguards, but you're right. People can make anything ugly.
@bentossell I guess not liking something is having something in common but I think if you get to know people that dislike the same thing as you, you still wouldn't make a great connection as long as there are things that you both like because you wouldn't meet up with someone to do something you hate but you would for something you like. That's what is confusing about this.
"Our aim is to be the first social network where people discover new things to hate". That's terrible.
@dvmex sounds like my old high school...
@dvmex Maybe I should change that to "first social network where you make friends over your hate for the same things"?
The true friends are not who love the same thing, but who hate the same thing.
Hello! There's a ton of apps that let you find people based on things you love. But what about the people who want to hate things together? I built Boar for them. Download the app, pick a topic, post an angry rant, and find others who feel the same way. Completely anonymously! PS: I only have a few tags on the app right now. Feel welcome to suggest more!
@alizahid @bentossell Exactly...thanks Ben, By design you literally have psychologically designed this around the motivation to celebrate empower hate groups, this is going to be wonderful for them. 😳 I'm just so perplexed we have so many serious issues we need the tech community to address, that they haven't and so many areas lacking innovation and then this gets launched. I'll just leave this here: This wasn't by accident this was designed, systems, motivations to celebrate this is all designed by people for other people. We have to step back and say is this right? Yik Yak. Photo © Janja Milosevic / EyeEm / Getty Images. ... Whisper. ... FireChat. ... After School. ... Kandid. ... Memo. ... Anomo. ... Psst! If you won't listen to my words Ali to actually take your time and energy and look at the entire globe and the literally thousands of problems in the world affecting billions of people that need innovative solutions * this helps no one ) then listen to to their words. This is one of the most dangerous offerings on product hunt...and if you're perplexed by that statement you haven't actually been paying attention to what's been happening in the world.
@nicholassheriff That's a real concern, one I take seriously. And while there's potential for abuse in every product, what I'm trying to build here is a safe place for people to share their frustrations and find people who feel the same. Do you think Fight Club is an overrated film but your friends think you're crazy for having that opinion? Maybe someone on Boar will agree with you. Next thing you know, you have a friend for life. Boar isn't designed as a place to spew hatred. It's a place that's trying to bring people together through mutual dislike for things.
I hate downloading extra apps for something that could be easily managed by the browser
@artur_arseniev You should download the app and post this there!