The dating app that matches you based on what you hate

Hater is like Tinder, but it matches people based on what you hate, not on what you love. No more missed red flags or surprising annoying habits: get it all out of the way up front.

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would you be able to find other people that hate dating apps?
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@gopietz You sure can! Hopefully you hate our's the least...
Hey hunters! I'm Brendan, CEO of Hater. Thanks for all the love so far! Hater originally started as a stand-up comedy joke... but the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was that maybe it could work as a real app. With the help of my CTO (@nafetswirth) we made it happen. Hater is currently in beta. Our official launch is Feb 8. We'd love all of your honest feedback, good and bad. Also we have some rad stickers for hunters. If you want some, email us at contact@haterdater.com with your address :)
A different take on Tinder!
@mrdobelina Thanks for hunting us Filippo! I'm Brendan the founder of Hater. What's up, hunters! We want all of your feedback... what you like, but especially what you hate ;)
@brendan_alper hey Brendan! I saw the sticker last night at Bedford Av station and it sounded a fun idea! Happy to share it, it's a cool app
Clever app. It would be cool to add my own "hate" items.
@liquidchickenqq We're working on it Kerry!
@brendan_alper I've been a proud hater of @adam_kossoff since 2007. Will I be matched with other like-minded individuals?
@david_toper Actually @adam_kossoff is one of our most hated topics right now, so you're in luck!