Blur for macOS

Easily blur, pixilate, and color images on your Mac.

Blur for macOS allows you to quickly and easily blur, pixilate, and color images on your Mac. We've been building it alongside macOS Mojave and would love to hear your feedback! The more we hear the more it improves.

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Hey ProductHunt! Excited about our new launch. Here's five complimentary licenses exclusive for ProductHunt! If you miss out be sure to follow me on Twitter @bzgoldman as I'll be giving away more. id466051129670uks id241377883078uks id432805745303uks id658178524579uks id394484638702uks
@bzgoldman @bzg0515 id394484638702uks used Download the trial then enter the code in the "activation" field I believe I have experienced a bug when entering the code, after you successfully enter the code, the text color seems to turn to white. If I type my name out and email then press tab to activate it seems to work
@bzgoldman @bzg0515 many thanks for this great little app and for the complimentary license code (id432805745303uks). I take it the app isn't compatible with high Sierra? as the effects are never within the selected area.
@bzgoldman @craigcpaterson Hi Craig, should work. Did you try a second image? What was the resolution of the original image?
@bzgoldman @bzg0515 Hi Binyamin, I originally tried with a macOS screen grab, but I have since tried with a high res photo. See this link for a short video –
@bzg0515 Thanks. Used id241377883078uks