Key insights from 2,000+ bestselling nonfiction books

Are you too busy to read books? Not anymore! Blinklist will give you the opportunity to boost your knowledge with 2000+ bestselling nonfiction books that are transformed into 15 minutes read or listen packs.

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I actually managed to finally "read" 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Only because it took me 10 minutes though.
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Adii- ironic. :) I played with Blinkist a few weeks ago. It's a neat app, I like the completion mechanics it uses with the progress bar and completed chapters. I've been meaning to read more books but I've replaced that reading with blogs because they're so quick and instantly deliver a reward -- a completion and feeling of having learned something. Additionally, blogs are more shareable than books, providing additional motivation to read to share (via Buffer, in my case).
Thank you for recommending this! After 2 days, I'm officially addicted
Very cool. Thanks for sharing this, Adii. I'm finally reading How to Win Friends and Influence People!
@zackshapiro one of the best books ever written for sure. I've read it again and again.
I just received an email from Blinkist about Antifragile. Will check it out based on @liveink's recommendation.