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What is SkillMentor by Mentorist?
SkillMentor is based on the best self-help books. We extracted what really matters: the habits, principles, and skills. Let’s face the facts, reading a book is a waste of time if you don’t apply anything from the book into your life.

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BooksInAction by Mentorist
All non-fiction is educational. But the true value of knowledge is found when you put it into practice.
In the words of Dale Carnegie: “Knowledge isn't power until it is applied.”
We make it easier for you to apply the greatest ideas in your life.
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The problem: Self-help books are great but it's hard to convert the knowledge into action.
The solution: ProductivityMentor offers 500 concrete action-steps inspired by books from the world's best authors to boost your productivity in a fun gamified way.
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