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What is Shuffle?
Shuffle surfaces the world's best ideas and stories found in podcasts. Discover the best highlights from tech, startup, and popular podcasts. Find your next favorite podcast episode and easily share your own highlights.

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We're aware of 1 technologies that Shuffle is built with. Shuffle utilizes products like Cloudflare in their tech stack

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Shuffle for Podcasters
Connecting to your podcast fans just got a lot easier. With Shuffle, we've already set up your podcast fan chat. You just need to claim it. Get all of your fans in one place into your chatroom, listening to each episode and leaving comments and claps.
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Using famous quotes, podcast transcripts, and GPT-3, we’ve created AI versions of ten popular podcast hosts, including Naval, The Besties, Kara Swisher, Joe Rogan, and more.
This is a drop from Shuffle, the chat app for real podcast fans.
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