Is Blinkist better than reading?

Blinkist mention in "Is Blinkist better than reading?" questionNo, Blinkist is not better than reading a full book, nor is it trying to replace the traditional reading of entire books through its service. Rather, Blinkist's aim is to help synthesize nonfiction books and their material into more easily "digestible highlights and summaries".

Blinkist cofounder Holger Seim says that he doesn't "believe you can convert long form into short form. Less than 10% of our users say they read fewer books, but more than 40% say they read more! We don't want to replace books. We are creating a market that didn't exist and expanding one that did." Many users begin by reading a Blinkist summary and, if intrigued, will go on to read the complete book, while avoiding those that wouldn't have been as good of a fit.

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