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Oh c'mon just two weird looking free signatures and everything else is paid? Uninstalls!
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@mrahmadawais hey! Thanks for checking out our extension. We added some more for free
@mrahmadawais Hi Ahmad, we realize we messed up, to hopefully make up for this we’ve made two more (hopefully not weird looking) signatures free.
Hey PH! Great to be back here again! This time we're back with a product to create and manage your gmail signatures in a clean and intuitive design. We've built Blade because we had an issue with gmail only allowing us a single signature at a time, but often times we have reason to have not just one but multiple signatures that we'd like to switch between. Thus, Blade was born. When you open gmail for the first time there will be a walkthrough to show you how to get to your signatures and manage. From there it's a quick 60 seconds before you're up and running with your new hand-crafted (with code) signature. Hope you enjoy!
@gavindinubilo I tried to install but it seems have a issue with the icon, can u please double check it?
@fiorearcadesign hi arcangelo, fixed this, terribly sorry this happened.
Hey, nice implementation with the extension. I did give it a try! However, I would have definitely used it if there were: 1. Free signatures that were not just simple Heading / Subheading (Would be great if there was something that wasn't easily creatable). 2. More trials/combinations of signatures before actually proposing customer Nonetheless, I do see it becoming a good product as more variations come on board! So, off to recommendation button.
@tanishqsh96 Thanks for your feedback! We'll definitely be coming out with both free and paid signature templates in the future.
@tanishqsh96 Hey! Like Gavin said, appreciate the feedback. We are excited to create more signatures as we move forward, but great to hear and validate the interest!
@tanishqsh96 Hi Tanishq, we’ve added two more signatures to the free version of Blade, so you can create more combinations.
YO PH! We're super pumped to be launching today :) Since creating Templates for Gmail (nearly 4k users!) , we've been excited by the email productivity space. Blade is the all-in-one solution that can help you go from zero to beautiful email signature in less than 60 seconds. Whether you want signatures for your whole marketing team or are looking for a way to bolster your brand, you can use Blade to create a professional gmail signature! Thanks for the support!
Nice use of for the UI/UX! You should submit it for their showcase!
@zach_bedrosian thanks, antd combined with styled-components was a god send for us, allowed us to iterate super quick