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Enjoy the ride - quick scooter hires for city commutes


Bird is an e-scooter for city dwellers, operates similar to city bike rentals.

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Bindle Co-Founder — bindle.io

I can't believe how much fun these things are!


Simple, quick, fun transport for the "last mile" commute.


Not fast enough! -jk 🚀 Would love to see more Birds around.

Software Engineer @ Airtime

Ask the 1000+ people who have been ticketed in Santa Monica & Venice in the past week.


Easy to get around for cheap


Illegal to ride most places and Bird doesn't inform you of what is legal and illegal.


I think this has multiple purposes. For elders in the group who can’t keep up with the group an excellent way for them to enjoy the city view


Small, compact, can get between cars & people well


no at to carry your items

Marketing Manager, elastic.io

Tried Birdies while staying in Paris for about a week last October. It was so much fun, although depending on the distance you need to cover - not exactly the cheapest one. We actually brought our bicycles with us to move around Paris. Used them once, then tried Birdies just for fun - and that's it, we fell in love with them, bicycles were forgotten for the rest of our stay. Again, this is not one of the cheapest joys depending on the length of the ride, but for really short distances combined with lots of fun – it's worth it.


Easy to set up, easy to learn, and fun, fun, fun


Don't know about alternatives, I tried only Bird. Improvement: Please, come to Germany.


but as soon as it will come global, I’ll give it a shot


Inteteresting startup which might be popular around the world


«limited access» i haven’t tried this service in action, because its not available in my country

This product charged my card twice. I saw on the app that it was a 5 dollar ride so I tried it. I look on my bank statement and it charged me 20 bucks. I looked on the app and it had clicked auto recharge. It did that it self. I will no longer be using a bird because of that and will be disputing the charges with my bank. It wouldn't let me change my rating but I give it a 1/5