Bird One

A new direct to consumer scooter from Bird 🛴

Cruise past traffic and congestion with powerful performance, zero carbon emissions, and a smooth, comfortable ride. This isn’t a scooter—this is your very own Bird.
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Heading = Built to last Content = 1 year warranty Perhaps if it's built to last then the warranty could be a little longer. Before I clicked on the "pre-order" button I guessed pricing would be between $400 and $500... boy was I wrong.
I’m a huge Bird fan and love this, but even though this has some new updated features, I wonder why someone would spend almost $1000 more when you can get the current Bird model from Xiaomi for about $460. Are you just paying for the Bird branding? It’s a super cool model but just don’t know if people will spend that money when there’s already a model available for so much less. This looks super cool though!
@sethbwilliams People are lazy, and won't research
@sethbwilliams Its not the same scooter. They needed to build their own because the Xiaomi ones were so cheap and broke too frequently.
@sethbwilliams @onesaint I hope they have an insurance plan
@sethbwilliams It's beautiful, sturdy and classy. I did a ton of research, and yes, the Xiaomi is cheaper, but it has air-filled tires, so you could get a flat. I'm not about the "changing tires" life. Plus it's not as cute. I pre-ordered the pink Bird One. does not fold! It doesn't fold and that's a big no for me. I cancelled my order and purchased the Unagi for $990. Another beauty, with solid tires. Less battery life though. I think I will be happy :) Why buy a Mercedes when a Hyundai is cheaper?? Lol
I don't like the 0 Carbon emission marketing that surrounds these types of things... Where do people think the electricity comes from to charge these... That aside this thing is beautiful and looks like it is a premium product. I imagine this saves people money who live in larger cities.
@rdbrdd more importantly digging up the lithium and components. def better than a heavy ev though
@tonymet Yep! The initial carbon load to dig up the heavy metals and other components in addition to the power consumption make most "Carbon Neutral" things unable to ever actually pay back their initial carbon debt. It's all marketing and feel goods.
Not to be overly skeptical, but I think I'd want to see the warranty terms before ordering.
@gabriel__lewis Which one? Which one? Which one?