Bird Cruiser

A Moped from electric scooter company Bird

#5 Product of the DayJune 04, 2019
With a cushioned seat for two, Bird Cruiser offers a new way to explore your city together. The 20-inch wheels and full suspension make for a ridiculously fun—and comfortable—ride.
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I was just thinking the other day that the sidewalks downtown weren't cluttered enough.
@hickmanzackary cluttered and straight up dangerous. Someone almost plowed into my dog on a scooter yesterday. And since I'm sure everyone would like to see said dog, here you go
@hickmanzackary lol keep that same energy for all the cars that clutter our roads
Who keeps them clean after so many hands touch them? Its actually a real problem with the scooters #handwarts
@bmiskie #Handwarts just made me shutter for a full 10 seconds.
I wish bird offered its products for sale. I'd love the option to just purchase my own.
@trellwest There are TONS of electric bike/cruiser options to purchase. It's not as if Bird makes their own. They simply buy them from others.
@trellwest They do offer their new scooter for sale: It's quite expensive though. There are plenty of more affordable options on Amazon.
This looks so cool, I love mopeds and . its great to see a resurgence in them. Hope this will ship to Europe
What speed are they capped at? Will Bird be returning to Minneapolis this year? Lime, Spin, and others are around but it seems Bird may have been run out of the market this time around.