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I think @smalzner's Franz has permanently spoiled me.
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@arunpattnaik @smalzner Agreed, I took a look at this but having all my communication platforms in one app is so great!
@arunpattnaik @smalzner gotta agree here... just more Franz pls. :)
@arunpattnaik @smalzner Franz definitely delivers convenience but he's using the web interfaces below the surface so you only have what, in this case, WhatsApp offers. On the upside, when new features are available you get them immediately. Betterapp appears to have something that WhatsApp Web does not, the ability to capture video. The dark theme is pretty nice, but by itself is not a big feature. I would be interested to see if betterapp can use the camera on my thunderbolt display as whatsapp web will only use the laptop camera (if this is not true, someone point me to a help doc please).
@arunpattnaik @smalzner I installed it... and yes, it does use the camera on my thunderbolt display for images and video. The image quality if significantly higher than whatsapp web.
@smalzner @arunpattnaik I actually ended up downloading Franz. Love it. Thanks for letting me know about it.
Nice but ChitChat is enough for me (and free)
@ourielohayon Just needs a dark mode to be perfect.
New full-featured WhatsApp client from the devs that make Mountain (the best external volumes manager on the Mac). Features a series of functions not available in other clients, like the option to receive and send audio messages and take photos and videos from within the app. Has a light and a dark theme. Has Facetime integration and 'one click silent mode'. Very cool!
Nice! I'm still to do my messaging via my mac... I still do all my imessages/whatsapps on my iphone... not sure exactly why!
@bentossell Old habits die hard I guess. I use whatever I'm working on. Very handy :)
@t55 yeh I know a lot of people do it on their mac while working... Maybe its my way of splitting work/non-work and I feel like I can leave a message unanswered on my phone for hours whereas I cant on my mac haha
@bentossell Hmmm, that's a rather tempting 'stay-focused' solution you have there.... Maybe should try it myself!
@bentossell When it comes to copy pasting stuff or even sending screenshots from the mac, it's just easier :)
Well done! Dark theme looks stunning
@artboiko transparent black would be better and more Apple like....
@androidlove actually I really agree with you