Fast Chat

Easy way to start chat immediately

Fast Chat - WhatsApp and Viber chat assistant. Now you can start chat without saving number! Scan the number in real time using the camera. Read the numbers from the images in the gallery.

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Hi everyone! Today we’ll share with you how to experience the future! We bet, you’ve tired to memorize numbers to save them in your phone, tired to switch between apps to text somebody you need… Enough! We glad to present you Fast Chat :) Now you need to do only one step to call or type somebody*, just make screenshot/photo and look how your life starts to be easier! Keep your contacts list clean, say NO to unnamed numbers. Just message them on WhatsApp or Viber easier than before! While they’re in 2017 we’re in 3037 Lets’ be there together! :) Hope you will like this app. We’re waiting for your questions
Hey guys! Thanq u 4 this app! Its really very cool just to copy and past number without saving in contact list :) Keep going! Waiting for your new apps! Geniuses!!
@kamila Hi :) Thanks a lot! We really hope this app made your life easier!