A modern database tool built for collaboration

BaseDash is the ultimate collaborative database tool. View and edit data with beautiful UI-based workflows, track the edit history of each record, and write queries collaboratively with your teammates. Simply the best way to manage data for teams.
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Airtable oftentimes now gets used as an ad-hoc datastore simply because you can update it visually + via an api. But with basedash, we don't need to make the concession of using airtable just because we want a good interface -- we can just connect our DB and update it like airtable. ✨ It's magic ✨
@evan_farrell Thanks Evan! Much of the direction of the product has been thanks to your advice.
@evan_farrell when will you be able to create new records, because that's why we use airable! ;)
@gilnimmegeers Just added the feature, check it out
Hey everyone! 👋 Really excited to show off what I’ve been working on for the past few months. There are tons of database tools out there, but none of them seem to understand that products are made by teams, not individuals. That’s why I made BaseDash, a modern database tool built around the idea of collaboration. On top of all the typical stuff you’d expect from a database tool, BaseDash also keeps track of the full edit history of each record, letting you see who made what changes, and the context around them through comments. BaseDash has support for hosted MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB databases at launch, with MongoDB, Redshift, and local databases coming soon! Comment below if you use another database and I’ll add it to the list. Let me know what you think! P.S. Message me with the email you used to sign up and I’ll add some credit to your account 💸
Loved the concept. Would like to have your product on our listing platform as well. We also have a team of industry leaders, Angel Investors and CEOs on the platform who give a word of advise/review/feedback on products. It's all free. Would love to see you there
@maxmusing I would love to interview you about BaseDash over at my Building No-Code Apps Facebook group. This could be a perfect snap-in for many no-code tools. This
@eric_axelrod1 Thanks Eric, sent you a message.
I can't remove a database. I type in the name, but nothing happens, the remove button is disabled.
@vali_draganescu Hey Vali, you have to type the name you gave it in BaseDash, not the database name (it's in bold above the field). It's case sensitive!