Base API

API for authentication, email sending, images and more!

#2 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2019
Base offers your next project an API that handles user flow (sign up, sign in, forgot password), email sending, file upload, image upload and processing including crop and resize, all with only one API key and a nice clean UI.
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I'm working at an agency (Digital Natives) where in ~7 years I created a lot of products (mainly MVPs) that had the same basic requirements besides the busniess logic: authentication, email sending, file uploads, image uploads (with crop and resize). I coded those by hand a couple of times or used different services a couple of times but each had it's problems so after the last product I worked on (which used a bunch of services) I decided to make Base. Let me know what you think!
Hey @gusztav_szikszai ! Nice service, but I have a few questions: 1) How I can connect it to our project ( --, where? 2) How it improve our project? 3) and which benefit I get?
How is it free?
@frexuz It's free for now (consider it as beta), pricing will come when there is enough data to figure it out.
1/ What about a comparison against Firebase? 2/ Where does it upload the media? Can I use my own cloud storage account? 3/ Does image thumbnail function support HEIC? Thanks
@neskhodovskiy 1/ Firebase as far as I know does not have image processing and email sending built in, you have to do those using other services or by hand using cloud functions. Base currently does not have social authentication (but it's planned), also it probably won't support direct access from browsers (but there will be a proxy in the client libraries). 2) For now we are using Amazon S3, using your own credentials for it is planned. 3) HEIC is not currently supported and probably can be added easily (I added it the list of features to implement :))
Hey @roman_onischuk, Base is most useful for new products where it helps to move faster by using the its features of instead of implementing them by hand. For a currently up and running project, parts of it might be useful if you don't have them yet. I'm working on client libraries in different languages that will help you integrate it.
@gusztav_szikszai ok, thank you, we're connect with you VIA email Have a nice day