Automated User Onboarding with Userlane

Personalize user onboarding and automate staff training

#5 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2017

Userlane is a smarter way for businesses to personalize User Onboarding and automate Staff Training, making it essentially possible for any person to understand any software instantly.

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Consider changing the logo. Looks too similar to one of the biggest Ecommerce sites.
@dansodkiewicz I agree. It’s the first thing that came to mind: jet.
Thank you for your feedback @dansodkiewicz @devinrajaram @_jacksmith. I see your point. Both companies feature a tone of purple and a smiling face. I would like to invite you to take a look at the story of our logo. Once you have seen it, you can never unsee it again :) 1 minute read: tl;dr We close the knowledge gap between humans (red dot) and machines (blue square). The color purple is made up by our brains because we can't see red and blue at the same time – kind of like our product helps the unlikely duo humans and machines to communicate with each other.

As one of the makers my feedback might seem biased to you. Therefore I'd love to invite you for a trial. You'll be the judge!


Since you will be creating hundreds of userlanes the creation process needs to be quick and simple.


No self sign-up as for today

Hi there, product hunters! We feel honoured that we got listed here today. Although this took us a bit by surprise, as we weren’t aware of this mention, thank you Arun Sathiya for thinking our product is worthy of a share in this community. We hadn't planned to be listed here yet, since we feel we’re missing an essential element that would actually make you fall in love with our product: we are still working on our self sign up. We didn’t want to tease you with Userlane without you being able to immediately take it for a spin. We offer one-on-one demos to each person who wants to know how we add value to their businesses, together with a 30-day free test run. We will do our best to answer all your questions!
Looks like an interesting tool but frustrating there is no pricing detailed on their site which I would have expected
@krishnade so you’re saying they could use some help with their onboarding?
@itsthisjustin In my experience people like to be able to see pricing and feature comparisons - do you agree?
@krishnade in most cases. Their faq actually explains the lack of pricing and I’d suggest they put that info on the pricing page instead. For their customer base, it probably makes sense to not list pricing as it’ll always be custom. However they could do something like “starting at $1500/yr” instead of just having nothing
Indeed @itsthisjustin, onboarding is a difficult task. As founders, we need to explain our products to different kinds of people with different backgrounds, languages and cultures. Suggestions and new ideas are always welcome. I’d love to hear more from you!
I am with you @krishnade, It’s frustrating. We have our good reasons, though. Our pricing is indeed highly customized as @itisjustin already correctly pointed out. Since our customer base is very varied and they approach us with different use cases, we don’t want to set expectations that we can’t fulfil. We have good news for you though: we are currently working on a self signup version of our product. This way, we’ll be able to segment our customers better and instantly provide them with reliable estimations and quotes.
the colors and logo look like a rip off of
Thank you @_jacksmith, may I refer you to my answer above?
@cuvegas the story of how you came up with your logo is irrelevant. It looks very similar to that of a company which got bought for $3billion, so clearly they will have more brand awareness than you. When I saw the icon on product hunt, I thought that you were showing off that was a client. Probably if you just changed the color to not be the same as's purple, then that might help a little