Authentication by Servicebot

User authentication & billing for web applications

Servicebot Auth gives you embeddable widgets to allow your SaaS users to sign-up, login, invite team members, manage subscription & much more.

Connect to Stripe, add your SaaS offering & embed Servicebot widgets into your web application, that’s it.

Save time & money with the only platform that has authentication and billing all in one place.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Thank you @afshana_diya for hunting Servicebot Auth! If you are building a SaaS MVP, you should put all your focus on your product, not the boilerplate SaaS features such as authentication and billing. Save months using the only platform with secure auth and billing in one place, Servicebot Auth. Connect to your Stripe account. Create your SaaS offering. Embed Servicebot widgets into your SaaS and website, and you are all done! Servicebot supports the following embeddable widgets: Pricing table - View your per user pricing on your website Signup / Checkout embed - Allow your customers to signup for your SaaS Login embed - Allow your users to login to your SaaS Billing settings embed - Allow customers to view and manage subscription Team management embed - Allow customers to invite more team members Servicebot Auth allows seamless authentication using Google Accounts. In case you want to play around with a demo instance you see in the video above, use the below credentials: Demo Servicebot: Email: Password: demo Demo Example Integration Website (This is a dummy website, so you can play around with it): https://example-integration.serv... Here is how you can integrate with a NodeJS app: Thanks so much for checking out Servicebot Auth. Feel free to share, upvote, and signup for a free trial account! Thanks, Shar
Very cool product here. I know there are several contenders for an all-in-one solution to boilerplate SaaS business logic, but IMO, Servicebot's offering is among the best because it's open-source (so no vendor lock-in), highly scalable, standalone, well-architected, and super easy to launch & integrate with your existing project or business. All this makes it a great candidate for early adoption in a startup's SaaS development process, because as Uncle Bob says, "a good architecture allows you to defer critical decisions".
You're welcome, @darafshehshar It's a great product for SAAS community indeed. I would love to see the @servicebot_io grows bigger and better. Wish you guys best of luck.
Nice, the video is great! Good luck!
It looks like a promising tool, I would definitely recommend it to my clients.