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AudienceMojo finds warm leads for you to do successful outreach via cold email: we analyzes massive amounts of Instagram posts, allows the extraction of emails, accounts, follower numbers based on hashtags.

Fabien Saujot
  • Fabien Saujot
    Fabien SaujotGetSocialGang - Social App maker

    Profil pages are crazy in term of data, price is very cheap


    Need to deliver also an api...

    i find this service very usefull for us! Just need to add an API and that will be an must to have website for marketers and pr

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GrantMaker@grantgrantgo · Founder,
AudienceMojo is designed for brands to discover and engage with their audience on social media. In particular, we sort through UGCs on any hashtag, use weighted "engagement" to identify influential people who can actually sell products. We capture public emails listed in user bio. No scraping. All API.