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Hey all, creator here I created Attendize as I was tired of ticket selling platforms charging such extortionate fees. I couldn't find any decent open-source alternatives that didn't rely on WordPress, were fully mobile friendly, or were actively developed. It's in the early stages of development but I plan on adding far more features over the coming months. Happy to answer any questions. Cheers!
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@dave_earley would love to hear more about your plans for Attendize.
@ryanminnick Right now the main goal is to iron out any bugs and get a stable beta released. The features I hope to have complete for v1.0.0 can be seen here: . Feel free to suggest any features you'd like added too! Cheers
@tannerhearne Cheers! It was my first time working with Laravel and I'm extremely happy with it so far.
@joshbarkin wow! I didn't know they took out so much money. Now I see the value of attendize
Wow it look awesome, I'm sharing friends working in event planning. Great platform build on Laravel 5. Just the logo look to much as Adobe.
Open-source always deserves up-vote! And the platform looks really cool, congrats!
@gabrielreynard Cheers Gabriel!
Lovely! thanks for sharing! FOSS rules and good work on laravel! ;)