Session replay tool for developers

Asayer is a session replay tool for developers. Replay each user session alongside your front/backend logs and other data spread across your stack so you can immediately find, reproduce and fix bugs faster.
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Hi PH! I’m one of the makers of Asayer and we’re very excited to show you what we’ve built. The idea for Asayer came out of a problem we encounter everyday as developers: how can we reproduce that bug? Existing session replay tools show you what your users are doing on your website. But these tools were designed and built for Marketers and Product people. They are simply not meant for technical teams: they don’t show you what happens across your stack while your users are on your web app. A session replay tool made by and for engineers, would playback your entire stack alongside you users session, so you can understand the root cause of every problem they experience. Asayer let’s you do that, all in one place: - Visually replay everything your users do on your web app - Capture console logs and errors - Expose each browser request, third-party script and uncover slow images/pages - Playback your backend logs and events alongside you user session - Ask for your user’s feedback while they’re on your web app and get more clues - Easily sanitize sensitive data Today we integrate with Segment, Sentry and Datadog. What’s next? Support for Stackdriver, Heroku, New Relic, Firebase, and many more. Tell us what you need to have first and we’ll build it. You can try us free for 14 days, no credit card required. We’d love to get your feedback and thoughts on every bit of it! Thank you.
Developers build the web apps that we, as end-users, experience on a daily basis. However, unlike their product or marketing peers, they are not connected to the people that use their software. Asayer has worked hard to bring the user back to the forefront of software development. Developers can now get a full vision of how their users are behaving so that it becomes easy to identify and solve every issue, delivering the highest quality possible.
Awesome idea. We hate fixing bugs, and this seems like a promising solution! Reproing can be such a nightmare.
Thanks a lot Quentin!
At Smiirl, we use this software as a developer debugger tool (typically we want to see why our customers have a crash when they are on no Internet environment). Good Team, and love to work with @mehdi_osman (always kind and listening what is your problems and how to solve it with