Intersect Labs enables anyone to build and deploy machine learning models in 3 clicks, from any spreadsheet or database. Companies can make accurate predictions without bringing in a data scientist or ML engineer.
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Thanks, @katmanalac! Hi PH community! 👋 We started building Intersect Labs because we observed that machine learning problems are everywhere, but machine learning talent is not. Intersect Labs enables anyone to start making predictions from their historical data in 3 clicks. Our philosophy is that if you know how to use Excel, you should be able to make accurate predictions using Intersect Labs. Some details on how it works: - You upload your historical data set, currently *.csv – this dataset can be messy (it can have missing values, strings, unscaled variables, outliers). - You select your outcome variable (the column you want to be able to predict) - Intersect Labs will automatically clean your data, build a number of ML models, tune their hyperparameters, and test their accuracies. The best model is deployed right away. - You can start making predictions, either through the GUI or through our REST API. - You can also start changing behavior of the system because Intersect Labs tells you what the most predictive columns in your model were. Our users are using us for a variety of use cases. Some notable ones: - Predicting supply chain costs - Predicting the likelihood that a given patient will show up to their doctor’s appointment - Identifying high value sales leads - Detecting users that are at the risk of churning - Identifying fish likely to have a propensity for genetic disease based on DNA sequencing data With the API, users are integrating the predictions directly into their workflow – whether it’s Salesforce, Google Sheets or their own db. We would love for you to sign up for a free trial, and give us feedback. If you have questions, please reach out! -Ankit (co-founder)
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I've been following Intersect for a while and it's such a cool project. Ridiculously easy to use. It almost made me annoyed at how in 3 clicks I replicated a side project I've spent months on... with better results. It just worked.
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@rajiv_ayyangar Thanks Rajiv! Hopefully with the time reclaimed you can make Tandem better than it is already (although I suspect that's going to be hard) :)
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@agordhandas Yes indeed! If only I'd had this in my data scientist days... I might have been able to go surfing more. Or maybe I'd just have been out of a job :)
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@agordhandas super excited to see this bring the benefits of machine learning models to entirely new places and industries! How long does it take after uploading my data for it to tune and select a model?
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@spencer_burleigh Thanks Spencer! Great question – the time taken depends on the size and complexity of dataset, but most often 3-10 minutes for the entire process.
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I've been using Intersect and working closely with Ankit and Aaron for the past 6 months or so. Intersect honestly saves me so much time! Projects that would normally take me weeks to even get a result now takes me just a few seconds of data upload and a few clicks. I can run the predictions as many times as I need to to get to the most accurate results. Ankit and Aaron are also always extremely helpful if and when I run into any issues. They take feedback that we have as users and work on implementing them. It's been amazing working with them and seeing the development of Intersect.
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@kristie_ching thanks Kristie! It’s been awesome working with you and your team over the past few months. The Google Sheets integration was a particularly fun application we discovered. The product is where it is today, in large parts, thanks to you and your valuable feedback!
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@agordhandas Congratulations on releasing Product Hunt. Looks pretty damn simple to me, a man who is a little far from machine learning. Be sure to try the product with the team (We just needed a solution in the field of machine learning) and leave the feedback to you.
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@alex_nadtochiy Thanks Alex! That's great. I would love to hear more.
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@agordhandas @alex_nadtochiy looking forward to it! The whole idea is to let anyone with spreadsheet skills do ML, can’t wait to help you get up and running
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